Seadolphin 770 - 53" Remote Control


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Ready-to-run remote control sail boat with amazing details and features.

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Designed in the image of the Whitbread Round the world racers, the finely detailed workmanship means the SEADOLPHIN also creates a spectacular interior display as well as a high-performance racing yacht on the water. As a fully assembled Ready Set, the fun of model yachting can be experienced after completing just a few simple steps. The handy 31" length and unique structure of the lightweight FRP hull (fiber reinforced) effectively transfers wind energy into water speed to produce performance well above its class. You can feel how this yacht responds to the wind in a way that explores the fascination held by natural wind power. The SEADOLPHIN brings forth a new era in marine sports through the captivating experience of R/C sailing.

  • Vivid Color Scheme - Printed in a vivid color scheme, the PET material of the sails shows optimal stretch characteristics.
  • Full Control - Equipped with KS-103BK sail servo for reliable sail control and response.
  • Main & Jib - Main and jib sail lines pass through a ring where the mast and boom connect to keep the sails full, whether fully opened or closed.
  • Maximum Sail Area - Positioning of the fulcrum of the boom and sail makes full use of the sail area for optimal sailing efficiency.
  • Easy Rudder Removal - Kyosho has designed the SEADOLPHIN so that the rudder can be easily removed for traveling or storage.
  • Easy On, Easy Off - The mast can be detached without using any tools. Enables compact and convenient transportation.
  • High Performance - Kit includes a high performance transmitter Perfex KT-1.
  • Realistic Finish - Equipped with components that add realistic finish and effective performance, high quality workmanship of the FRP hull is coated in glossy urethane paint.
  • Eco Friendly - Built in FRP keel includes environmentally friendly lead-free ballast. Also, no tools are required to attached or remove the mast or rudder.
  • User Friendly - Radio system included and installed.

Ready Set Contents:


  • Pre-assembled and pre-painted hull with R/C system installed and decals applied.
  • PERFEX KT-1 Stick type 2-channel, 2-servo R/C system
  • Folding wooden display stand.

Required For Operation:


  • 8 x AA Batteries for transmitter
  • 4 x AA batteries (Alkaline or NI-MH) for receiver

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Seadolphin 770 - 53" Remote Control

Seadolphin 770 - 53" Remote Control

Ready-to-run remote control sail boat with amazing details and features.

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