Team Magic E4RS III PLUS kit

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Do you want MORE ? We give you PLUS !!

The E4RS III had just finished its first outdoor season and we already provide him some PLUSSES !

Indeed, after the multiple places in ETS A-finale obtained by Patrick Gassauer and Léo Arnold, and the Netherlands national title obtained by Rob Janssen, the E4RS III receive this automn a small update:

+++ steering +++ corner speed +++ predictable handling +++ success and victories! The E4RS III Plus is... a bit +++ than our E4RS III !

Please have a look to the details of the E4RS III Plus here !   //   Please have a look to our excellent results here !

New Team Magic E4RS III+:

In comparison to the E4RS III released earlier this year, only few things really changed, more than 90% of the parts remained the same. Moreover, for the drivers already having a E4RS III, we decided to release an upgrade kit (TM507009).

The E4RS III+ is an update of the E4RS III, which already obtained numerous success since its release 8 months ago. The modifications are made to improve the precision of the car, to increase its corner speed and principally to improve its steering angle.

The E4RS III and E4RS III+ have been created and designed hand-in-hand with our drivers, mostly in France, Switzerland and Germany with the unique purpose to provide you an ultra performing out-of-box RC car !


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