Xerun ESC XR10 Pro V4 160A BEC 4A 2-3s Black für 1/10

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All the products in this series are sensored brushless power systems for professional races range from 1/12th scale to 1/8th scale, from Modified to Stock. Their excellent performance, reliable structure design and others definitely can meet top-level races strict requirements against products performance and quality.
The XR10 Pro is a real and maybe THE ESC for 1/10 competition use


Product Comparison

  • XeRun XR10 PRO 160A XeRun 120A V3.1
  • Hardware 
  • Cont./Peak Current 160A / 1200A 120A / 760A
  • BEC Voltage/Current 6V/7.4V,4A 6V,3A
  • BEC Voltage Regulation Switch Mode Linear Mode
  • Fan is Powered by Powered by the BEC (prolongs the service life of the fan) Battery
  • Fan shroud Yes No
  • Fan Speed High Normal
  • Software 
  • Remote Off Enabled/Disabled Switchable Enabled (Default)
  • (Motor) Drive Mode Full Sensored/ Sensored or Sensorless Hybrid Switchable Full Sensored
  • COAST 0-20% Adjustable No
  • PWM Drive Frequency 1K/2K/4K/8K/12K/16K Adjustable Not Adjustable
  • Brake Frequency 0.5K/1K/2K/4K Adjustable Not Adjustable
  • Brake Mode Linear/Traditional/Hybrid Adjustable Not Adjustable
  • Boost Timing Activation RPM/Auto Adjustable Not Adjustable


  • Type
    • Scale: 1/10th
    • Brushed/Brushless: BL
    • Sensored/Sensorless: SD
    • Waterproof: No
  • Specifications
    • Cont./Peak Current: 160A/1200A
    • Input: 2-3S LiPo / 4-9 Cell NiMH
    • BEC Output: Swich Mode: 6V / 7.4V max. 4A
  • Wires & Connectors
    • Input Wires: Black-12AWG-200mm*2
    • Output Wires: Black-12AWG-200mm*3
    • Input Connectors: No
    • Output Connecotors: No
  • Fan
    • Size: 25.0x25.0x10.0mm
    • Voltage Range: 5-7.4V
    • Powered by: Powered by BEC
  • ESC Programing via
    • LCD Program Box: Supported
    • WiFi Module: Supported
    • Program Port: Separate Program Port
  • Size & Weight
    • Size: 37.5x30.9x31.6mm(w/Fan & Fan Shroud)
    • Weight: 95g(w/ Wires)
  • Applications
    • Motors: SL BL Motors / SD BL Motors
    • Vehicles: 1/10th Touring Car & Buggy & Drift Car & F1; 1/8th,1/10th Rock Crawler
    • KV Rating/T Count:
      • 2S LiPo/6S NiMH: (Touring Car) T=3.5T, (Buggy) T=4.5T.
      • 3S LiPo/9S NiMH: (Touring Car) T=6.5T, (Buggy) T=8.5T.


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